Consolidated Test Data For Hickok Model 533A-600A-605A Tube Testers V2.5 Update and CSV Data File

Updated January 8, 2020

I purchased a Hickok 800 tube tester at an estate sale in the Fall of 2017. In looking for documentation I found Stan Saeger’s “Consolidated Test Data For Hickok Model 533A-600A-605A Tube Testers” pdf file.  (Sadly Stan passed away on August 14, 2019)  It’s my understanding the Hickok 600A tube test data also applies to the 800 and 800A models.

Stan’s document is a fantastic resource for tube test data. I thought it would be handy to have that information on my phone/tablet. I first tried just installing the PDF on my phone/tablet but that was a bit cumbersome to use. A database on my phone/tablet would be much better. I found a website that would convert a PDF to Excel. That worked so I saved the Excel file as a CSV (Comma-separated Values) file to import into a database program.

Unfortunately that wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The formatting of the CSV was wrong when I imported it into the database program I was using. While fixing the formatting I ran across a number of corrections to Stan’s PDF file. I made those corrections to my CSV file but I also used a PDF editor to make the corrections in the PDF. Since others may find the CSV and updated PDF useful I’m posting them here. Since the last version of the PDF Stan posted was 2.5 in December, 2012, I’m calling the version I updated 2.5.1. (Updated to 2.5.4 January 2020)

Download Consolidated Test Data For Hickok Model 533A-600A-605A Tube Testers V2.5.4.pdf

Here is a list of the typos/corrections I made.

Download Consolidated Test Data Typos-Corrections-2.5.4.pdf

Here is the CSV file I created for import into a database. Note, while the CSV can be opened in Excel the format isn’t correct due to the vertical alignment needed in some of the cells.

Hickok 533A-600A-605A-800-800A Test Data V2.5.4.csv

Database Info

I’m using an Android database program called PortoDB. Install it from the Google Play Store. It works great and it’s FREE! If you’re an iPhone/iPad user there must be something similar available.

It’s really handy to be able to search for a tube. For two digit tube types such as 42 or 80 I’ve added Type 42, Type 80, etc to the notes field. Otherwise if you search for 42 you get every occurrence of 42 in the database. So, for those tubes just search for “Type 42”, “Type 80”, or whatever.

For a brief explanation of how to set up PortoDB click here.

Here’s a screenshot of the database on my tablet.