Smart Fortwo Fuel Pump Replacement

I own a 2009 Smart Fortwo with about 66,800 miles. A few weeks ago I filled up with gas and when I returned home I had a strong gasoline smell in the garage. Doing some online research I found two possible causes. One possibility was I overfilled the tank and some gasoline entered the vapor recovery canister. The other possibility was a crack on the fuel pump outlet. If it was the former the smell should go away in a few days. If it was the latter the fuel pump would have to be replaced.

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American Morse Porta-Paddle Modification

Some years ago I purchased a Porta Paddle II iambic paddle kit from American Morse Equipment. It’s a nice solid compact paddle. I purchased it primarily to use mobile while operating in state QSO parties. The last couple of years I’ve also used it for a few SOTA activations.

After a while I started having intermittent keying problems where I’d miss an occasional dit. The paddle uses the hinges/pivots for the ground connection.

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Consolidated Test Data For Hickok Model 533A-600A-605A Tube Testers V2.5 Update and CSV Data File

Updated January 8, 2020

I purchased a Hickok 800 tube tester at an estate sale in the Fall of 2017. In looking for documentation I found Stan Saeger’s “Consolidated Test Data For Hickok Model 533A-600A-605A Tube Testers” pdf file.  (Sadly Stan passed away on August 14, 2019)  It’s my understanding the Hickok 600A tube test data also applies to the 800 and 800A models.

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Repairing an Astron SS-25 and SS-30

I have two Astron SS-25M and two SS-30 switch mode power supplies (SMPS). A couple of years ago one of my SS-30 supplies quit with no voltage out during Field Day. Later one of my SS-25M supplies had the output voltage drop to 6 – 8 volts. About a year ago I took a look at the SS-25M to see if I could figure out what was wrong. After a little while with no success I gave up and put it away.

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