Ten Tec Orion Firmware Archive
Note - Do NOT use with Orion II
(The .ruf files are the actual files you upload to the Orion.  Use the updater program to load these firmware versions to your Orion.)

Version 1.341
Version 1.342
Version 1.343
Version 1.346
Version 1.349
Version 1.358
Version 1.363
Version 1.364
Version 1.365
Version 1.366
Version 1.367
Version 1.369
Version 1.370
Version 1.371
Version 1.372
Version 1.373b3 (Beta)
Version 1.373b5 (Beta)
- Version 1.325 - initial release

03/26/03 Version 1.326
- Fixed DV memory record/recall feature. Flash write & recall was intermittent.
- Added STOP action to SEND1,2,3 buttons.
- PTT now ignored during voice record to prevent audio pop being recorded.

03/27/03 Version 1.327
- TX Meter hang increased from 200 mS to 300 mS

03/28/03 Version 1.328
-Pre-amp display now updated after a master reset.
-Expanded band edges by 10 kHz to cover some MARS frequencies.

03/31/03 Version 1.329
- Changed vox routine. Was not restoring correct vox gain after a power cycle
- Fixed DSP Audio selection conflict between Bin Rx and phones selections.
- Master Reset state of Binaural Receive changed to OFF.

04/01/03 Version 1.330
- Improved Audio Menu MULTI routine.
- Reduced size of Sub receiver S-Meter to prevent overwrites of the Audio Menu.

04/02/03 Version 1.331
- Fixed bug that caused TX to be disabled when tuner went into Bypass State.
- Added code to restore RX and TX Equalization values after power-cycle.

04/03/04 Version 1.332
- Fixed audio menu bug that caused MULTI to adjust values in only one direction
- Binaural RX state now restored at power up.
- Fixed bug on preset antenna selections
- RX ANT LED update added to recall of antenna presets.
- Fixed bug in VOX system that caused the radio to key when vox first tuned on.

04/04/03 Version 1.333
- Fixed FAST/SLOW encoder. FAST was tuning two times steps.

04/06/03 Version 1.334
- Fixed bug in Keyer paddle routine that caused loss of rx at power-up when grounded
- Continued revision/testing of serial interface.
- New DSP code v151 to fix distorted speech monitor in AM Transmit.

04/07/03 Version 1.335
- Fixed another bug in the Audio Menu BinRx routine. Failed to re-program the sub-dsp's audio selections when BinRx
  went to OFF.

04/08/03 Version 1.336
Changed rollover of EQ settings in audio menu to +/- limits of 20.

04/10/03 Version 1.337
- Now clearing multi-encoder after moving highlight in the menu screens.
- Now rounding/truncating Vfo frequencies based on selected step.
- Changed Master Reset value of VFO-B to 14.035 LCW.
- Added Step-Multiplier function to [MAIN RX] and [SUB RX] buttons.

04/11/03 - 04/13/03 Version 1.338
- Modified FM operation.
- Extensive work on the serial interface.

04/14/03 - 04/16/03 Version 1.339
- Fixed bug in M->VFOB that caused VFOA freq to appear in VFOB display area and cover-up VFOB value.
- Changed Freq rounding routine to make single step after step side change. Was making two steps when moving down.
- Fixed NR and AN multi-enc behavior that caused them to occasionally turn off when being turned!
- Lots,lots,lots of work on the serial interface!

04/26/03-05/06/03 Version 1.340
- DSP modified correct sub receiver QSK audio pops.
- Corrected Sub receiver RIT Operation.
- Final Serial Interface Updates. Release with Programmer's Ref Guide.

05/12/03-05/14/03 Version 1.341
- Modified Filter HI/LO operation. Low Cut was affecting PBT.
- Fixed bug that was causing missing line below MON after a band change.
- Fixed bug causing screen garbage after an unsuccessful memory recall.
- Added filter BW to band register contents.
- Added filter BW to memory contents.
- Added fix for random pegging of the S-Meter.
- Added additional PBT limit checks to prevent overwriting main screen borders.

05/19/03-05/22/03 Version 1.342
- Fixed placement of Side Tone Frequency in the CW MENU.
- Removed LCD CONTRAST from storage in USER profiles. Now a Global Value.
- Implemented Audio Mute Functions on main and sub encoder buttons.
- Swapped passband orientation for Bin Rx mode.
- Modified LCD DMA Register to give maximum contrast.

05/27/03 Version 1.343
- Added restore of pre-amp setting on power cycle.
- ATTN/NR/AN/SQL and Speech Processor now restored correctly on power-up.
- TUNE function now reduces power only if setting is above about 20 watts.

06/03/03 Version 1.344
- Modified tuning/BFO routines to improve crystal filter placement in CW modes.

06/06/03 Version 1.345
- TUNE now stops automatically when the tuner is finished
- Key line/Paddles now stops CW playback.
- Eliminated garbage character beside display of sidetone pitch in CW MENU.
- Fixed Linker problem that caused garbage to appear in MEM window background.

06/11/03 Version 1.346
- Corrected Serial Port Commands
        Receiver now updated when Sidetone frequency changed from the serial port.
        Main Receiver tuning updated on change of RX filter from the serial port.
        Corrected Left/Right/Speaker assignment order in the radio firmware.
        Fixed Serial setting of Main/Sub AGC Threshold.
        Fixed RIT/XIT serial port controls.
        Added Binaural Receive serial port command.
- Enabled 60M operation. Zero Key on Numeric Keypad is the 60M band button.

06/13/03 Version 1.347
- Added trap for 60M band data to handle Flash update without Master Reset.
- Modified Serial Initialization routine to stop buffer clear on power-up/reset.

06/25/03 Version 1.348
- Added POD routing control to allow pod actions to be sent to a host PC.
- Corrected reporting of squelch query value.
- Corrected screen updates of AGC and Attn when changed via the serial port.
- Corrected muting on voice-playback, did appear to stick in Tx after playing.
- Added Filter-Associated Automatic Threshold adjustment to the AGC system.
- Added Filter Reset Option to the reset sequence.

07/08/03 Version 1.349
- Modified LSB PBT calculations to facilitate use in AFSK.
- Modified Voice Record System to ignore PTT when in recording window.
- Changed 500/250 Hz Filter Correction routine to use 10 Hz steps.

07/10/03 VERSION 1.350
- Added code to force QSK delay to 0 in when using the tune function.
- Increased PBT ranges to 2500 Hz.
- Implemented corrections to FSK mode and enabled FSK input on rear panel.
- Changed Notch defaults to 300Hz wide at 1000 Hz center freq.

07/29/03 Version 1.351
- Sub receivers now connected to VFOB on master-reset.
- Added FSK monitor function.
- Now updating band-data when VFO changes.
- Added forced update to PBT/BW controls when Tracking changed in the menu.
- Fixed bug in Memory recall. Was not correctly storing the BW in the memory.
- Added keyer lockout so it can be used only in the CW modes.
- Added Xtal Filter Gain correction and correction for DSP bandwidths <150 Hz.
- Added S-Meter correction as part of the change above.
- Added Super-programmable AGC features.

08/07/03 Version 1.352
- Changed PTT routines to use timed key-down measurements and programmed delays.
- Changed amp-loop routine to operate with the new key routines.

08/11/03 Version 1.353
- Fixed SUB/MAIN RIT display subroutine so they were updated when RIT was on.
- Reworked PBT/BW TRACKING routines to eliminate the odd behavior.

08/12/03 Version 1.354
- Completely turned OFF the CW key input is SSB Mode.
- Eliminated erroneous display of Hz at the end of the CW_MENU.
- Added Mode, BW and PBT to A-B & B-A exchanges.
Dependent on Tracking Settings.
- Added calls to clear 'tuned' word from display after disengaging the tuner from the TX menu.
- Modified SWEEP clear functions to clear up junk on the screen when turned OFF.
- Modified VRP system because the DSP was staying in transmit after playback.
- Added code to clear the Voice and CW recorders indicators in FSK mode.

08/15/03 Version 1.355
- Reorganized the new BBRAM values to eliminate the need for a master-reset between 1.349 and 1.355.
- Fixed pointer bug that caused pod to misbehave when the FSK was inverted.
- Fixed erroneous dot left on the display after transmit.
- Fixed SP bug that caused it to be ON at power-up even though it was OFF.
- Realigned the sub-receiver mode indicator in the display.
- Changed labeling for OTHER_MENU item selecting FSK TX Data Sense.
- Changed the sub-meter drawing routine to prevent overwriting AUDIO MENU.

08/19/03 Version 1.356
- Modified serial interface AGC set routines to account for the new super-programmable AGC controls.
- Modified VRPB key-down routines to integrate new timed key-down routines.
- Removed rollover from the FSK menu option.

08/21/03 Version 1.357
- Added CW MENU selection to enable CW Key to be PTT in SSB modes.
- Fixed CW Playback bug that caused stuck key-down in CW mode.
- Modified NB Display routine to properly clear the 'H' indicator when Hardware NB tuned OFF in menu.
- Fixed line segment missing after a band change. (Between MON and SP functions)

08/22/03 Version 1.358
- Modified NR code to eliminate overloading.
- Modified the CW record/playback to improve reproduction of character spaces.

08/25/03 Version 1.359
- Added Hardware NB control to the NB button. Press and Hold to toggle.
- Added bandwidth/mode association. Mode auto recalls last used BW.
- Corrected drawing in mode menu to remove Unwanted lines on left of screen.
- Modified sub receivers AGC hang setting serial port function.

09/12/03 Version 1.360
- Added cross-mode ability via VFO selection.
- Added restore of mode/bw association to the serial port mode set command.

09/16/03 Version 1.361
- Keyer Speed and SEND selections now change based on the transmit mode. (part of the cross-mode changes)
- Changed TUNE mode to take into account the new cross-mode tx capability.
- Added BW and PBT exchange to the A/B swap function.

09/25/03 Version 1.362
- Corrected SUB RX FSK PBT bug. Was jumping to 0 when the PBT was adjusted.
- Added calls to update BW values on display when recalling a band registers.
- More patches for voice record/cross mode operation
- Modified serial interface TUNE routine to fix hang-up.
- Added lock-out to TUNE BUTTON if the radio is already in transmit.
- Modified NB/NR DSP for improved handling of large signals.

10/06/03 Version 1.363
- Added Clear function to master reset of USER storage.
- Fixed code in the highlight that was causing overwriting of TX MENU
- Fixed bug in mode-associated BW array index that caused USER recall crashes.
- Added RAM-CLEAR sequence (hold down VFOB LCK button at power-up)
- Added @A/@B prefix to 4-byte frequency query response.
- Now restoring VOX state after TUNE operation with internal tuner installed.
- Corrected XM indicator in STEP display. Now updated when changing receivers.
- Corrected typo in ?KV parser where main rx always indicated VFOA associated.
- Fixed bug in RX menu's HW NB display routine.

10/22/03 Version 1.364
- DSP - changed set point for Transmit Gain Control.
- Changed S-Meter correction for 500Hz xtal filter.
- DSP - changes to NR/AN to improve simultaneous operation.
- Fixed bug in serial interface memory recall routine.
- Fixed bug in keyer routine. Mono plug causing sidetone at power-up.

10/23/03 Version 1.365

- Fixed bug in keyer.  Was causing dit-dah to be sent after turning it on.
- Fixed bug in MUTE function of audio menu.
- Fixed bug in audio menu. Left/Right associations now restored on BinRx off.
- Fixed bug in A/B split operation of TUNE feature. Freq wrong on return to Rx.

11/14/03 Version 1.366
- Reduced delay between button down and voice playback.
- Corrected bug that caused inoperable FM on power-up or mode change.
- Added more delay to DSP sequences to correct sweep related Lost-TX problem.
- Modified DSP init sequence to eliminate monitor/sidetone noise problem.
- Added DSP Filter Length Control to the FILTR menu.

12/19/03 Version 1.367
- Added ASCII CW Send to CW Interface
- Adjusted Serial Buffers to improve command response.
- Changed Sidetone lower limit to 100 Hz.
- Modified DSP Gain correction for filters below 150 Hz.
- Enabled RIT/XIT controls during SPOT operation.
- Corrected Main Rx tuning bug that affected SPLIT when Rx's not on same mode.

Version 1.368 - Not Released
- Expanded 60M band to 5.425 to include Norways 5.410 and 5.420 allocations.
- Modified tuning code to reduce the tuning stutter at high encoder rotations.
- Fixed Menu item placement in FILTR, VOX and SSB Menus.
- Added the remote pod encoder control back to the VFO controls. Needed because of tuning changes.

02/10/04 Version 1.369
- Modified external band data update in the DDS update routine.
- Modified POD tuning routine to fix routing to host feature.
- Added BAND DATA handling to band-change and Direct Entry.
- Fixed bug in step-change function affecting negative tuning direction.
- Fixed bug in Tx-Loop vs ANT selection causing interference between the two.
- Fixed bug Rx Calc causing the Sub-Rx RIT value to be used when using VFOB.

05/18/04 Version 1.370
- Added band line update routine to the serial frequency set command.
- Modified VFOA/VFOB tuning to use associated receiver step, as per the manual.
- Extended 60m band lower edge to 5.255 to for UK special privileges.
- Modified A>B B>A to prevent mode change when no rx assigned to the source VFO.
- Modified main encoder routines to disable FAST encoder rate when in MENU mode.
- Decreased programmed-delays in SWEEP system to improve update rate.
- Modified PBT/BW and HI/LO Knob routines to prevent changes while in transmit.
- Modified AF Gain relationship to MAIN and SUB controls to fix MAIN/SUB   conflict with LEFT OUT when Headphones were not being used.
- Modified POD encoder settings to group PBT/BW together.
- Additional Modification to ALC system.
- Changed CW transmit gain routine to stop adjustment during attack/decay.
- Moved sub-receiver meter routine from interrupt routine to main loop. This was causing greater than expected CW variation when the KEY/PTT occurred during this routine.
- Reallocated time slices in the sweep routine to prevent conflict with DSP TX transition routines that are suspected of causing loss of transmit signal.
- Corrected code that sets external band data. Conflicting calls to this routine during Interrupts caused the band data errors when set from the serial port.
- Modified Voice Playback PTT Timing. Was conflict with the Tx/Rx transitions.
- Disabled Voice PLAY functions if the voice memory is 'empty'.
- Modified the Voice Memory ERASE functions to clear the associated FLASH block w/o requiring SAVING from the menu.
- Corrected Xtal Filter indicator to update on transition instead of next step after transition.
- Now saving/restoring Audio MUTE state on power cycles.
- Now Front Panel PTT is the same as rear PTT in CW mode.
- Modified Transverter operation to use AMPKEY1 delay time for non-qsk operation of the XVRT KEY output.
- Modified TXOUT/TXEN handling to eliminate possible hot switching issues.
- Relabeled CW jack PTT menu item.
- Improved de-bounce on PTT/CW lines to prevent DSP from hanging in transmit.
- Fixed T/R indicators routine so it did not overwrite MENUs when updating.
- Fixed bug in C.F. adjust routines that resulted. Was garbage when +limit hit.
- Added checks for TUNER BYPASS to serial freq routine. IF band changed the tuner is no longer TUNED.
- Fixed Xtal Filter adjustment factors for SSB modes. This reversed changes in an earlier version.
- Changed menu items that indicated 'seconds' to use a lower case 's'.

06/09/04 Version 1.371
- Modified Xtal filter code to stop RX filter being engaged on T/R transitions.
- Fixed A>B B>A bug that prevented USB mode from moving between VFOs.
- Reduced Sub-Receiver meter update rate. Was causing slow serial port response.
- Changed 'S' to 's' in CW Rise/Fall adjustment routine.
- Changed AMP-Key routine to include case where MOX Input was disabled.
- Added fix to sub-rx ATTN relays on power up. Was set incorrectly.
- Main Encoder and Multi encoder now slowed while in menu mode.
- Fixed SWEEP display frequency calibration for USB/LSB modes.
- Corrected AF routine in MENU MODE. Mute Disabled in menus.
- Added call to clear encoders routine after exiting menu.
- Added hang to SWR meter display.
- Added more calls to serial command processor inside main loop.
- Added additional Sub-Rx programming calls to direct entry routine.
- Eliminated secondary responses from serial command handler.

11/30/04 Version 1.372
- Fixed bug in serial control for NR on sub-receiver.
- Decreased minimum QSK time to raise QSK threshold (above 22WPM).
- Added delays and encoder clears to AF push buttons to improve MUTE control.
- Fixed S-Meter routine to correctly show signals grater than +35 dBm.
- Rework of the Voice Playback System.
- Modified TX_LOOP controls to disable TX_OUT when Loop NOT enabled.
- Modified CHECK_MOX_ROUTINE to stop checking rear_ptt if MOX not enabled.
- Changed band limits on 20m to allow German transverter coverage.
- Modified Transverter Timing to use ANT1 T/R delay for Transverter Hang time.
- Fixed serial control of Sub-Receiver PBT setting.
- Modified transition points for xtal filters. Eliminted overlap safety-zone.
- Increased Mars coverage: includes 4.036,5.118, 7.358 and 6.91-6.915 and 7.405.
- Modified AMP Key and TXOUT to keep from getting latched in the 'on' state.
- Fixed BUG in XTAL filter select routine causing narrow-bypass to be engaged.
- Fixed bug in SPOT routine occasionally causing spot tone to stay on.
- Modified MODE change code to correct serial filter selection problem.
- Fixed bug in RX_MENU threshold causing threshold to change by itself.
- Modified RX_CALC routines to eliminate overflow in DSP BFO calculations.
- Corrected bug in ?RSA query that was causing MAIN AGC to be reported.
- Added Curtis MODE A Keying to CW MENU.
- Fixed bug in Serial Tuning routines cuasing Sub-Rx crashes.
- Now restoring SUB-ATTN state on power-up.
- Fixed PBT/BW tracking function causing mis-tracking if PBT or VFOB had focus.
- Corrected PBT operation in case where BW tracking was on.
- RXMENU changes to stop interference between items being updated.
- Added traps to TUNE function to eliminate Rx problem if exiting with PTT down.
- Corrected power-up restore routine to fix displayed AGC mode on power-up.
- Added MODE check to MOX routine to stop TXOUT/AMPKEY hang in non-CW modes.
- Added check for ANT2 to TUNE routine. Tuner's ready line was disabling button.
- Corrected Power-Up tuning for main receiver.
- Fixed serial port BLANKER control. Wasn't turning OFF correctly.
- Patched TUNE exit function to restore correct mode when not in CW mode.
- Enhanced RF GAIN control knob operation.

Version 1.373b1
- Added additional checks for Curtis keyer control to MENUs. Was only called on power-up.
- Add WAIT_FOR_DSP_COMPLETE to mainRF routine. Toby P was reporting noise bursts.
- Added call to agc_change in serial AGC routine.

Version 1.373b2
- Removed call to update xtal filter drivers inside the PBT_BW routine. This is now handled in the interrupt
 routine. Having it in two placed was causing a conflict when writing to the interface chips.
- Added main_dsp_squelch variable to handle MOX for the main receiver. Was inadvertantly using the sub receivers
 squelch value for the mains MOX unmute value. This caused a SQL problem when the main receiver was in CW mode anytime.

Version 1.373b3
- Corrected problem in AGC system: Occasional noise burst when BW encoder or the RF gain knob moved.
Version 1.373b4
- Eliminated passing of AGC info to DSP. This was causing Out Of Band distortion when used.

01/18/05 Version 1.373b5
- Modified serial control of SubRx AGC. Was not updating sub receiver as it should.
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